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Juniper Networks' products NetContractor's portfolio

To our portfolio of networking products join Juniper Networks' products.
Juniper Networks is the leading manufacturer of wide range, high-performance routers and integrated security solutions that offer complete security with high performance and attractive a total cost of ownership.






NetCare service in NetContractor portfolio

NetCare service is technical support for our clients' network infrastructure, available 24/7, 365 days a year in which we offer full customer service support allowing you to keep the stability and continuity of the network infrastructure, minimizing downtime in the event of a failure, providing fast diagnosis and solution to resolve a problem.


New Cisco Systems solutions portal

We are pleased to announce that we have implemented for your new portal related to Cisco Systems solutions where can you find always up to date information regarding products, services and technologies from Cisco Systems.

The portal contains carefully selected information, presented in a clear way to help you quickly and easily see the latest trends, technologies and solutions from Cisco. In addition, you will find a variety of business calculators, presentations, interesting articles, case studies and information about special offers developed by Cisco Systems that can be deployed in cooperation with NetContractor.

Please visit the website to learn more at http://www.netcontractor.pl/solutions/cisco/


NetContractor achieves Select Certification

We are pleased to announce that on 04.17.2012 our company received the Cisco Select Certified Partner in Poland specialized in Small Business.

Select Certified Partner

Small Business Specialized Partner


Configuring the Cisco ASA -30%

New promotion within the service network consulting and auditing.

Customer under the promotion shall have a discount of 30% for NetContractor's civil works, which can be used to implement the following services:

Service audit of the existing network infrastructure for the Internet or contact the Customer's network which will be used to filter traffic device Cisco ASA.

Preparation of a draft solution configuration using the Cisco ASA.

Project implementation in Cisco ASA Configuration Network Client.


Cisco Forum 2012

Between 21 - 23 March 2012 at the Hotel Mercure Kasprowy in Zakopane will be another edition of Cisco Forum, one of the largest technical conference in Poland, organized and prepared entirely by engineers for engineers. We can not miss it :). See you on site.

Cisco Forum 2012


NetContractor at YouTube

Let us invite you to our new NetContractor channel at YouTube portal.
With pleasure would like to show you first clip from our series where we will present advanced network solutions and ways how to configure them.

NetContractor Channel


Cisco Expo Poland 2011

17 and 18 November 2011 will take place the tenth edition of Cisco Expo. The theme is the importance of comprehensive network infrastructure as a platform by which companies are able to gain flexibility, increase productivity and optimize costs.



QoS Values Calculator - wanted!

The idea behind our blog is to share knowledge and explain the details of network technologies in the area subject to routing, switching and security. Motto of our blogis Network Technologies Bit after Bit, so we try to make descriptions of the presented technologies and issues were detailed, unique and most importantly, technically interesting. We are committed to issues raised by us to date and reflect current technological trends. Although unfortunately our posts appear irregularly and there are only a few dozen, we can boast about over several thousand counter visits. The most popular post are our QoS Values Calculator, which exceeded the number of downloads is a number of the 900. We are pleased that our posts allow you to bring in a friendly way the network issues and are helpful in daily work.

We encourage you to send comments and proposals for topics that you would like to find on our blog.

Welcome to NetContractor’s Blog.

NetContractor team


Cisco IOS update

According to the Dimension Data's report more than 73% of surveyed companies have at least one serious bug in the Cisco IOS software that could allow unauthorized control over the system.
These are mistakes that have already been defined long time ago and on which the manufacturer has made available the appropriate update.

"To a hacker, a security vulnerability is equivalent to leaving one's front door unlocked," said Neil Campbell, Dimension Data's global security manager. "And attempting to exploit vulnerabilities is usually the first port of call when initiating an attack. That's because it may provide the hacker with full access to the device, which he could use as a launch pad to initiate further attacks internally."

The prominence of Cisco in Dimension's results is not surprising, the company is a prominent Cisco reseller. The issue is more whether companies buying Cisco products are patching their systems rapidly enough.

"Patching is a difficult process for corporates. It is not something they have yet incorporated into their culture," said Campbell. Companies devoted most of their time to looking after vulnerabilities at the application layer, where most attacks occurred. Hardware vulnerabilities, even well known ones, came further down the priority list, more so if they related to internal network devices seen as unrelated to security.

Current information about newly discovered vulnerabilities and threats can be found at the official website of Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team.

And what is the status of your software? Use the audit services and make a review of your network devices.


DDoS attacks increasing

Every year more and more sites are being attacked by a method DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). The Arbor Networks has developed a document "Infrastructure Security Report 2010", where you can read that fostered by the fact that improper implementation of safety systems, when you install applications such as firewall and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) just before the servers.

The report, prepared after examining the questionnaires sent to 111 companies providing network services, you read that DDoS attacks are still coming and they're becoming more aggressive. For example, in 2010, reported first attack of DDoS traffic generates more than 100 Gb / s (ie twice that recorded in 2009 and 10-fold higher than in 2005). Increases, the number of such attacks. Nearly 25% of respondents said that during the month of record 10 or more DDoS attacks.

The report shows unequivocally that a DDoS attack will arrive. I mean both the frequency of attacks, and their strength. This may sound paradoxical, but contribute to the better-designed systems of security, because attackers are then forced to develop increasingly sophisticated methods of attacking servers.


Costly downtime in IT

The losses incurred by European companies as a result of downtime associated with the malfunctioning of the IT environment reach 17 billion euros per year.


Brand new NetContractor website

We are pleased to introduce a brand new look of our site.

New features will help you to easily and conveniently contact our consultants and the rapid sharing of information with your friends.

Technical staff invited to join our Blog where our specialists present technologies, configuration examples and ways how to deployed solutions based on Cisco Systems hardware "Bit after Bit."

Join us!

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