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Network Security

Is your network really secure?
Do you know how to protect your network?
What value for your business are the processed data?

If you have never take in to account on these issues it is time to answer them as quickly as possible!

Network security is a constant maintenance of IT systems and processes that ensure data processing without exposing your company and its customers to undue risk. It is impossible to fully eliminate the risk, but with proper planning and proactive strategies we are able to provide high network security to limit risk to a minimum. Please note that in order to maintain high network security it is necessary to continuously monitor, analyze and eliminate possible risks. This cyclic process of maintaining network security at the highest level has been shown in the following diagram.

Design Process - Network Security

Security Audit

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The purpose of the audit is to analyze and evaluate your company's network infrastructure in terms of risk. Gathered information will be used to issue to issue recommendations, implement change and to create security policy.

Security Policy

Security is the set of processes, which aim to minimize the risk. The security policy is the basis for building a company's IT security. Policy is the set of processes and rules that will reduce the risk to have your network safe. Policy is part of the process of maintaining network security, is part of the planning and design of high network security.

Secure Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is a key element of a computer system. Secure infrastructure should eliminate specific risks associated with unauthorized access to data and attacks on the services. We can realize security in infrastructure because of the function blocks of network elements such as:

  • LAN / DC / WAN / Branch
  • Network Management
  • Remote access to corporate resources
  • Internet
  • Mail/WWW

The following diagram shows a corporate network function blocks which apply specific products and solutions to ensure high network security.

SAFE Design Modules

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