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Network Design

The trend of convergence of networks and services, as well as integration of applications with IP protocol have caused significant growth in the significance of network infrastructure for the purpose of optimal transmission of various types of data. Convergent network infrastructure should today support simultaneous transmission of critical business applications (e.g. transaction database systems, data repositories, e-mail), interactive data transmission (unified messages, IP telephony, video and video conferences), as well as transmissions of large quantities of backup data.

When designing convergent network infrastructure for our customers, we take into account 6 major factors. Infrastructure should be:

  • Functional – meeting business expectations
  • Scalable – enabling easy expansion at low financial expenses
  • Available – presenting constant network activity 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Efficient – performing optimal data transmission
  • Manageable – ensuring control of efficiency and detection of breakdowns, as well as simple management
  • Economically effective – ensuring availability of services, while maintaining low operating cost

Methodology of infrastructure designing and integration of services

Network infrastructure should reflect current and future business objectives, therefore, it must develop along with the organization and meet its new expectations. We pursue the process of infrastructure design and integration of services on the basis of the following methodology:

  • Analysis of the specific nature of business
  • Identification and analysis of requirements, objectives and business–technical limitations
  • Network infrastructure design
  • Implementation tests
  • Implementation of solution
  • Post-implementation network support

Network infrastructure design

Under the network infrastructure design service we offer:

  • Preparation of solution concept
  • Network hardware choice
  • Service and solution choice
  • Preparation of proof of concept environment
  • Preparation of network design document
  • Preparation of handover document

Design, implementation and maintenance of network infrastructure is undoubtedly a great business and technological challenge for every organization. Ensuring optimal transmission, stability and system development opportunities with minimum financial expenses is the key to success. NetContractor consultants will help to preserve business– technical balance when developing the foundation of your company. You are welcome to cooperate with us.

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