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VPN networks

Under the service VPN Networks we offer our clients VPN network implementation on the basis of solutions from Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and Check Point.

VPN network technologies

Internet network expansion decreasing costs of fixed, fast and stable access connections, development of mobile services have contributed to popularization and development of the VPN technology.

VPN Networks designed to ensure data transmission confidentiality utilize a set of protocols and mechanisms implemented under the common IPSec protocol suite (Internet Protocol Security). VPN architecture has developed from simple forms of point-to-point tunnels utilizing the Internet, through dynamic multi-point tunnels, to tunnel-less site-to-site connections based on MPLS networks. VPN Networks (Virtual Private Network) is a logical/virtual connection, which ensures encrypted fully safe data transmission between two end points with the use of the Internet network or a corporate WAN network, based on service provider's infrastructure (i.e. ATM, FR, MPLS).

Benefits from VPN network implementation:

  • Data transmission confidentiality through advanced encryption
  • Authentication and authorization of transmission end points
  • Secure connection between the headquarters, branches and remote employees of the company
  • Low costs of implementation and expansion of the WAN network based on public Internet infrastructure  
  • Easy scalability of the solution and rapid expansion with new network points
  • Flexible configuration and customization of services for mobile clients  

We offer our clients implementation of advanced VPN network solutions in the following architectures:

Site-to-Site VPN

The simplest, the oldest and the most popular form of creating encrypted point-to-point connections with the use of the mostly public Internet infrastructure. Enables constant communication of remote branches with the head office. The technology successfully used also inside corporate WAN networks (e.g. financial institutions, banks) in which confidential data must be encrypted throughout the whole transmission path (e.g. MPLS network is regarded as non-trusted infrastructure). Expanded, native VPN technology based on point-to-point tunnels is unfortunately difficult in management and any problems in the network are difficult to diagnose.

Benefits from Site-to-Site VPN technology implementation:

  • Encrypted point-to-point connection
  • Easy and cheap implementation in small networks
  • Proven, secure and stable VPN architecture

Dynamic Multipoint VPN

Dynamic multipoint VPN network is extension of the traditional Site-to-Site VPN network. By adding new algorithms which provide support for dynamic network configuration, the DMVPN technology offers flexible, scalable VPN network, simple to implement, based on earlier verified encryption and authentication technologies.

Benefits from Dynamic Multipoint VPN technology implementation:

  • Greater scalability of solution than in the traditional Site-to-Site architecture
  • Flexible and simple configuration of new network points
  • Support for end points with dynamic IP address assignment
  • Dynamic encrypted point-to-point connection headquarters – branch or directly branch – branch

Group Encrypted Transport (GET) VPN

New generation tunnel-less VPN technology recommended in large network environments of companies and corporations for which secure data transmission is required in any-to-any (full-mesh) architecture in WAN networks is based on MPLS technologies (Multiprotocol Label Switching). Thanks to full-mesh architecture, instant connection negotiation, advanced QoS mechanisms (Quality of Service) and support for multicast traffic, GET VPN service is recommended in case of necessary encryption of delay-sensitive data i.e. voice or video transmission.

Benefits from GET VPN technology implementation in a corporate network:

  • Encrypted any-to-any connection upon request
  • Tunnel-less IPSec VPN connection
  • Fast negotiation of the encrypted connection
  • Redundant architecture ensures high availability of services
  • Central VPN policy management
  • Support for multicast traffic
  • Support for native routing enables optimal transmission between remote locations
  • Advanced Quality of Service
  • Scalable and simple expansion of the existing network with new points

Remote Access VPN

Remote VPN offers a secure, flexible and functional safe work alternative to everybody, regardless of the place and time with the use of Internet access. Remote access to network resources for mobile employees gives practically unlimited opportunities to work in every place in the world having access to the Internet. VPN remote access technology makes it possible to use network services, data and applications, creating and at the same time emulating virtual office work for your employees. Flexibility and security of remote access technology enables popularization of telework which offers additional benefits for the company and its employees.

Benefits from VPN remote access technology implementation for corporate resources:

  • Remote, secure connection to corporate resources, regardless of place and time
  • Ensures a virtual working environment for mobile employees emulating network services available in the office
  • Flexible configuration through personalization of services

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