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Network Audit

Reliable, efficient, functional and secure network infrastructure is today the basis of your business. All network services are critical to maintain continuity of work are based on well-designed and implemented a computer network. The concept of well-designed and managed the computer network is very general.

Properly designed network infrastructure should meet the expectations of business and ensure continuity of its operations. The proper functioning of the network is influenced by many interdependent factors that should be addressed at the design stage of data bus. Implementation of appropriate equipment and functionality, ongoing analysis and planning, appropriate policies and procedures and IT professional staff is the key to the success of your business.

Corporate network is a dynamic environment that evaluates together with the development of your business venture. A consequence of business development is usually an increase bandwidth requirements for LAN / MAN / WAN / Internet, implementation of new systems and functionality that should improve and optimize work. Extension has a major influence on the stability and performance of the infrastructure what requires consideration and integration with existing architecture.

Implementation of new functionality in data transmission systems such as routers, switches and firewalls often involves changing the operating system version of the component, which in turn could imply a RAM upgrade, or even the need to replace the entire unit with new ones. The increase in the number of users has a direct impact on the growth of bandwidth demand and increase network capacity, what next directly affects the performance of the various devices involved in data transmission.

Audit objective

The purpose of the audit is to analyze your company's network infrastructure in terms of stability, performance and safety, and an assessment of compliance with best practices recommended by the manufacturers and standardization organizations.

Result of audit

The result of the audit is a detailed file containing an inventory of all hardware components, network diagrams, physical and logical connections, an analysis of IP addressing, services and network protocols, and most importantly, conclusions and recommendations.

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