As I’ve promised you, here you are first day feedback.

We have started at 10 am from basic firewall stuff and went thru all ASA fetures like: NAT, MPF, Advanced protocol inspection, contexts, failover, QoS until ASA troubleshooting. Additionally at the end of the day we had nice short overview about basic and advanced IOS data plane security fetures like CBAC or ZPF.

What about trainer? Piotr has started calmly and secure his class. Some nice diagram draw on whitebord with slides were enough to understand the clue. Knowlede justified  by his practical experience on real deployments is what all students are looking for on training and what is always nice to see and hear. Unfortunately Piotr has completely opposite teach manner compared to Narbik what has impact on the way how he pass knowledge to students. 

Tomorrow the most important and interesting day I think – all VPN technologies.

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