Beginning on May 10, OEQ for CCIE RS and Voice lab exam will not include the four Open Ended Core Knowledge Questions. Cisco introduced 4 questions to the CCIE R&S lab exam on February 2009 to eliminate cheating and stop fast growing rate of R&S numbers. They have achieved just partially the target for short period time. Next, on October 2009 Cisco decided to introduce the CCIE R&S v4.0 Blueprint with 2 hour troubleshooting section that cause that fast CCIE certificate numbers grow stopped and in next stage even decline the numbers in R&S.

The total lab time will remain the same – 8 hours with 2 hours troubleshooting section at the beginning of the exam.

As Cisco has explained OEQ will be removed because troubleshooting section is enough to take care about cheating.

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